2023 -OCSC - Kicking in the Capital - Boys

Event Overview:

2022 OCSC Kicking in the Capital - Boy's FestivalKicking in Capital Girls Event
This is a Canadian Club Competitive class tournament at the U13 age level and older and Festival for U12 and younger. Proof of registration is required.

2023 Boys Festival; Registration
DATE: Aug 12 2022
LOCATION: Nepean Area Fields
AGES: (2015-2011) U8-U12 Boys
U8/U9/U10: $250.00 per team
U11/U12: $275.00 per team
Planned Flights – Top (Premier), T1 & T2
Festival Format
2 or 3 game Festival Format (all taking place on one day) depending on number of entered teams. In either format, teams will be allotted the maximum number of minutes permitted for a festival
Schedules will be available approximately 7-10 days in advance of the event
U8 is 5v5 & 30 minute games
U9-U10 is 7v7
2 game format – 50 minute games ( 25 min halves)
3 game format – 33 minute games ( 15 min. halves)
U11-U12 is 9v9
2 game format – 64 minute games ( 32 min. halves )
3 game format – 46 minute games ( 23 min. halves)

2023 Boys Tournament Registration
DATE: Aug 12-13, 2023
LOCATION: Ben Franklin Park
AGES: (2010-2005) U13-U18 Boys
Field Sizes: 11v11 – U13-U18
U13-U14: $525.00 per team

U15-U18: $575 per team

Planned Flights – Boys U13-U18 (suited for Premier/T1/T2 Teams)
Tournament Format
Minimum of 3 games with an opportunity for a Championship Match in most of the U13-U18 brackets/flights/divisions.
Game Duration 60 minutes ( 2 x 30 minute halves )

Start Date

Aug 12, 2023

End Date

Aug 13, 2023

Event Charge

See Charges

Allowed Player's Age Groups:
Boys: U8 U9 U10 U11 U12 U13 U14 U15 U16 U17 U18

Refund Policy:

Refund Policy
Where an age group is cancelled, a full refund will be given to each team that has entered the
tournament and for which we have received payment.
Where an age group has not been cancelled, a refund may be given to the team based on the
following conditions:

  •  If the age group has been placed in jeopardy (not enough teams for the age group) then there
    is no refund for the team that has placed the age group in jeopardy;
  • If the request was made prior to 21 days before the tournament, then there will be a pro-rated
    refund given; the tournament committee will decide on the amount;
  • If the request was made prior to 25 days before the tournament, then there will be a full refund
    given less a $75 administration fee and less the credit card processing fee.;
  • If a team does not show for the tournament, no refund will be given;
  • If a team in an age group does not show for the tournament and the remaining teams do not
    play the guaranteed 3 games in the tournament, then a pro-rated refund will be given to the
    remaining teams; the tournament committee will decide on the amount;
  • In each case, each team requesting or qualifying for a refund will be reviewed by the
    tournament committee who will decide on the amount of the refund.